Miles Negus-Fancey completed a Fine art degree at Byam Shaw School of Art (now part of the University of Arts London) in 1986. During this time he took on his first mural projects. He went on to work at Napiergem based at Shepperton Studios - this company specialized in schlock horror prosthetics for films like 'Hellraiser'. In 1987 he travelled to Tamil Nadu, volunteering to build adobe brick and mud plastered dwellings for a charity trying to help isolated harajan communities. At the end of 1987, he put on a one man show of drawings and photographs inspired from his time working in South India. He managed Kevin McCloud’s painting & gilding studios on Wandsworth Bridge Road, running a team applying finishes to Kevin's range of furniture & lighting before relocating to Cheshire in 1996. His work has been as varied as the restoration of several stately homes to creating sets and backdrops for the stadium tours of McFly, Westlife & 1D

In 2010, he became an Industry Partner for the British Institute of Interior Design serving as one of 4 accredited muralists, up until a 4month stint in ICU in 2016.  In 2010, Miles travelled to Japan to work with several shikkui plasterers under the guiding hand of Nobuyoshi Yukihira san, president of the Shikkui Association and Tagawa Sangyo, Japan's leading manufacturer of shikkui lime plaster. Miles is one of the few UK based, japanese trained practioners of shikkui polished plaster, he is an approved applicator. Since then he has developed a close working relationship for Artichoke - makers of fine furniture & interiors.



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